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What is digital marketing?

The number of companies that understands the connections and correlation with digital marketing and increased traffic to their website increases. And that is something that increases each day. If you don't understand the importance of marketing online you will get left behind. Do you want that?

Digital marketing (also known as online marketing) refers to any effort that you do online. It can be your website, online advertising, social media marketing, blogging or anything else that you do in order to increase your online presence.
Basically - anything that you do to bring awareness of your brand, products or services is a part of your digital marketing strategy.

How to perform online marketing/digital marketing for Sweden?

First, you must understand that it is a strategy that is based and executed over a long period of time. It is not a "quick fix thing". It can sometimes also take some time before you see the desired results, at least in the beginning of your digital strategy.

There are a few things that will give you the results you are looking for. And these are:
SEO - Search Engine Optimization - the process of increased traffic to your website by correct optimization of your website according to known standards.
SEM - online advertising (Google Ads) - is about advertising on different search engines like Google.
Interesting and well-written content - is about how you create really good and interesting content for your website. Your online success relies on content that is interesting, engaging and optimized for seo.
SEO Analysis - is your website performing well? - every website owner needs to conduct seo analysis from time to time. The SEO Analysis I do give you insights of how you perform and will give valuable information and ideas for further development for your site. Investing in an SEO Analysis can be the best investment for a long period of time.

As with traditional marketing (offline marketing) you need to work strategically with an marketing plan as a foundation for your digital marketing strategy. In the plan you should define what platforms you should work with, when you will perform different marketing campaigns, your different audiences and a lot more.
It is crucial that you understand your market, your business area, your competitors and changes in the global markets.
All platforms and marketing channels has their own specific audiences and behavioral patterns. How people are using Facebook differs from let's say Instagram. You need to study your target audiences on the different platforms to understand how they interact and uses the certain platform.

Five methods for digital marketing that actually works

Over the past few years there has been a lot of changes when it comes to marketing online. However, there are a couple of strong methods that always will be important to work with for successful digital marketing. These are SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Social Media marketing and Affiliate marketing.
Although the two later has lost their importance they are still very effective. Affiliate Marketing has changed a lot only the past three years but it is still very profitable if you manage to succeed with it.

Organic traffic from SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is still the most effective digital marketing method when it comes to conversions, traffic and exposure of your website. SEO is something that you should prioritize when it comes to online marketing. You should work with it on strategically basis over time or you face a good risk of losing markets shares to your competitors.

To achieve visiblity in search results requires that you work with the content on your website. When someone is searching for a product or service that you offer you must show up in searches in order to attract traffic and converions - you achieve that with content that is interesting, relevant and that actually provide some sort of value to the reader. You can do this in different ways but it always aDds up to what the visitor is expecting to see on your website.

Email marketing

Email marketing is something that stills works great. It is also very effective in different situations. It can be that you are looking for new clients, keeping an "sleeping client" to invest in new products or services or something else.

One common way for marketing through email is newsletters. It is a good platform for spreading campaigns, branding, current offers or something else. Newsletters should always be sent to those who agreed to receive them - they are already interested in your services or maybe existing clients so it is all about creating engagement that is valuable over time. by doing this you increase your chances for sales.
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SEM, advertising on Google - paid traffic through ads

This is about advertising on Google through their platform Google Ads. With this method you pay only when someone clicks on your ad - pay per click (PPC).

Since you pay per click you should design your ads so that it is compelling enough to be clicked on. Your headlines are important and also the ad-descriptions.

Advertising in Social Medias - Social Media Marketing (SMM)

When SMM first was introduced some years ago it was all about reaching as many people as possible with your campaign.
Today it is (luckily) more about conversions and targeting the right audience. It is more like Google Ads and I think it is a good thing over time as you advertise to get conversions, right?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has changed a lot over the years. Today there is a number of different segments and areas that are still very lucrative to work with. You should however be aware that there is a huge competition today since more and more sites are doing SEO and SEM. My advice is to get in to a segment that has strong affiliates working in them - they wouldn't do it if it wasn't lucrative enough.

But you need to find areas within the segment that are still unexplored and where you think you can achieve strong positions in the search results.
When working with affiliate marketing you charge for driving traffic to your customers website. Payment for that can be different but mostly you get paid per click or customer. I also advise you to join an affiliate marketing network.

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